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"The capsules are not for me but for my wife who has been suffering from M.E. for the last 12 years. Since taking the capsules, she has not caught any viral infections. This is a great relief because previously she was prone to catching anything going around, which obviously set back any chance of meaningful recovery."


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The effects of shark liver oil have been scientifically researched for over half a century now. This has resulted in a number of studies being published, not to mention books such as "Shark Liver Oil, Nature’s Amazing Healer" and "Devour Disease: with shark Liver Oil." The following are extracts from these sources.

“Alkylglycerols may have biologic activities that partly differ from ester analogues. Those include an antibiotic-like action against various bacteria, fungi and parasites, immuno-stimulation and anti-tumour effects.” Professor Sven Brohult.

“Ever since 1950 there has been an accumulating body of information regarding the effects of alkylglycerols upon diseases such as influenza and infections. Even such diseases as asthma and psoriasis have been cured in patients after they begun to supplement their food with alkylglycerols. Even though one can not draw any specific conclusions from these observations, the reported healing has in several instances been quite remarkable.”
Professor Ingemar Joelsson, The institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Umeå.

“A number of observations reported that alkylglycerols significantly activate cytotoxic macrophanges, leading to enhanced Fc-receptor-mediated phagocytosis and increase humoral immune response and delayed hypersensitivity reaction. Other studies showed that alkylglycerols inhibit the growth of primary tumours ...the highest concentration of alkylglycerols was found in the greenland shark…” 
Suk Y. Oh and LaLita S. Jadhav, Dept. Dietetrics and Nutrition, University of Kansas Medical Centre.

"Shark Liver oil treatments most likely increase the blood lymphocyte counts. This may increase the capacity of the individual to develop an immunoligical defence against infectious agents and possibly other antigenic structures. Shark liver oil treatment stimulates white blood cells to an increased oxidative metabolism per unit blood when exposed to a stimulating agent." 
Henric Blomgren. MD PhD. Associate Professor in oncology and immunology.

" .patients with complex injuries: almost all the patients are dead (98-100%) within five years. These complex injuries are reduced to one third when alkylglycerols are given prophylactically in comparison with patients who are given radiation therapy solely"
Bengt Fredlin, LDS, Dept. of Physiological Chemistry IV, University of Lund.

“Alkylglycerol, or AKG, is a family of compounds that play a vital part in the production and stimulation of white blood cells. It is found in the freshwater fish, cows, sheep and mother’s milk, all have AKGs. AKGs are one of the active substances that give breast-fed babies crucial protection against infection until the infants own immune systems are fully developed. But it is the liver of the deep-water shark that the AKGs are found in greater concentration than any other place on earth…
Supplementing one’s diet with AKGs, in the form of shark liver oil capsules, seems to elevate the non-specific immune response by causing an increase in the level of white blood cells that work for the body’s immune system. Enhanced immunoreactivity is important for resisting colds, the flu, and common infections, and for chronic immune related conditions such as asthma, allergies, cancer…” Shark Liver Oil - Nature’s Amazing Healer, Neil Simon, MD., PhD., Richard Passwater, PhD., Ingemar Joelsson, MD., PhD., Kensington Health, 1997.

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