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"The capsules are not for me but for my wife who has been suffering from M.E. for the last 12 years. Since taking the capsules, she has not caught any viral infections. This is a great relief because previously she was prone to catching anything going around, which obviously set back any chance of meaningful recovery."



Fight Back against M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) A.I.D.S. ,Cancer.


"...Incredible results..." S.M., Lancashire.
"...It changed my life..." M.F., Bury, Gtr Manchester.

Nulife UK's refined shark liver oil  is a natural product, rich in alkylglycerols, which boosts the immune system. Fifty years ago, scientists knew about alkylglycerols but did not fully understand their effect on the body. Then Scandinavian researchers Dr. Astrid Brohult and her husband Professor Sven Brohult discovered that people with weak immune systems became resistant to infection after taking alkylglycerols.

Alkylglycerols occur naturally in mother's milk and in bone marrow, in liver and in the spleen. 

The highest concentration of alkylglycerols, however, is actually found in the liver oil of certain sharks found in abundance in the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans. The alkylglycerols in Nulife UK's shark liver oil are derived from these fish. By taking shark liver oil you may stimulate your own immune system and fight off Flu's, infections etc. NATURALLY! Recently, doctors have been talking about new strains of bacteria, resistant to conventional antibiotic medicines.
A strong immune system can protect you in a completely natural way, which is why so many people in the Polar regions are taking shark liver oil - to keep their immune system strong!

Effects of Alkylglycerols


Increase of the immune defence system.


Increase in growth, healing of wounds


Inhibition of bacteria and fungi.


Radiation protection (blood cells, bone marrow, tissues).


Inhibition and regression of tumour growth.


Alkylglycerols are both preventative and treating.


Alkylglycerols stimulate the body's own immune system and can help you fight off bacterial infections, keeping you healthy whilst others are sick.

With over forty years of scientific research and development work conducted by several scientists around the world, many studies have shown that Shark Liver Oil stimulates the immune system by increasing the production of white blood cells (lymphocytes) to the normal level and encouraging growth of antibodies. If these liver oils are added to the diet the production of antibodies in the bone marrow is speeded up. In one European study, healthy volunteers were given these capsules. The following conclusions were noted by Henric Blomgren M.D.,Ph.D. Associate Professor in Oncology and Immunology:

Shark liver oil :-


increases the frequency of lymphocytes.


increases the number of lymphocytes.


induces increase of oxidative metabolism, and are likely to increase the Capacity of the subject to rapidly react against infectious agents.

Lymphocytes - forms of white blood cells - are involved with the production of antibodies, which help destroy foreign particles (e.g. a bacterium).

It has been shown that people suffering from reduced white blood cell count and blood platelets will have normalised blood cell count and a strengthened immune system after regular intake of  shark liver oil.

Scandinavian fishermen as a traditional folk medicine have used shark liver oils since the 19th century to combat general tiredness and to speed up the healing of wounds.


All fish liver oils used in the production of this natural product are from fish harvested for their meat. No fish are killed solely for their oils.

All fishing complies with regional fishing quotas and no endangered species are used in the manufacturing of the product.

100% PURE

Copy-cat products can contain a host of unwanted substances. Nulife UK Refined Shark Liver Oil is cold-pressed, filtered, distilled, and analysed to a degree that insures they meet the highest natural marine-oils quality standards and insure product consistency. Nulife UK's Shark Liver Oil is a pure natural product without any added chemicals.

*The information given on this web site is educational in nature, and is not intended to be used for the diagnosis of any specific medical condition. Nulife UK's shark liver oil  is not a cure, rather it may aid the relief of conditions that can be eradicated by boosting the immune system. Any unused capsules returned to us will be refunded. Before you treat any illness it is advisable to seek counselling from your G.P. 

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